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Uxbridge High School


Black blazer with school crest

Black jumper with school crest (optional, but if a jumper is to be worn it must be purchased from our uniform suppliers)

Plain black trousers (no leggings, jeans or tight fitting trousers, please see our uniform suppliers for type of trousers you should purchase)

Years 7 & 8 (from September 2022 Years 7, 8 & 9) - Pleated tartan skirt.  Any Year 7 or Year 8 student wishing to wear a skirt, must purchase the pleated tartan skirt from our uniform suppliers and this is offered in knee or long length.  If you choose to wear the skirt, you will be required to wear a white revere blouse and in replacement of a house tie, you will be required to wear a house pin.

Years 9 to 11 (from September 2022 Years 10 & 11) – Plain black pleated skirt.  Any students in Years 9 to 11 wishing to wear a skirt, must purchase the black pleated skirt from our uniform suppliers and this is offered in knee or long length.

School house tie / house pin for Years 7 & 8 wearing the tartan skirt (from September 2022 for Years 7, 8 & 9)

Plain white shirt or for Years 7 & 8 wearing a skirt – white revere blouse or open necked blouse (from September 2022 for Years 7, 8 & 9)

Plain black socks or tights

Apron – for technology and art


The following items are compulsory:

Training t-shirt top

Unisex ¼ zip training top

Unisex shorts or skort

Unisex coolmax socks


The following items are optional extras.  However, if they are to be worn, they must be the ones from our uniform supplier:

Unisex technical rugby shirt

Unisex training pants

Dance leggings

Dance kit – all students studying BTEC dance must wear the dance leggings available from our uniform supplier. 




Our uniform must be purchased direct from our uniform supplier, SWI Schoolwear and can be delivered direct to your home or to school.  Please see their website for current prices. Uxbridge High only holds a very limited stock and does not have uniform for trying on purposes.




Smart outdoor coat – dark in colour (leather, leather look, denim, hoodies, sweatshirts are not permitted and no large logos or writing are allowed)
Shoes – plain black leather-look shoes, no canvas/trainers to be worn
Headscarves ‚Äč- plain black or navy blue only
Sports footwear for PE only – sports trainers, football boots (see information below).

It is important to note that all students will require football boots.  However, these must have moulded rubber or plastic studs (either firm or soft ground versions).  Metal studs/blades or Astroturf trainers are not permitted.  This is in order for students to be able to play on our state-of-the-art indoor 3G Astroturf pitch.

To order online click here

By phone:    0845 519 0099
By post:       SWI Schoolwear, Fairoak Lane, Whitehouse Industrial Estate, Runcorn, WA7 3DU

Pay by debit/visa/mastercard or by cheque/postal order.

Please note that our uniform is not sold by any shops in the local area and if purchased elsewhere, you may find this of inferior quality and does not comply with our standard uniform requirements.

Students are not allowed to wear make-up in Years 7, 8, 9, 10, 11. Discreet make-up is permitted in Years 12 and 13. Nail varnish, false nails and false eyelashes are not allowed.

One wristwatch is acceptable, but no other adornment on the wrist or fingers. Students with pierced ears will be allowed to wear small studs or small sleepers, but no hooped earrings.   Items that are not acceptable will be confiscated until the end of the half-term, when they can be collected from student services.

Essential Equipment

It is important that students arrive on time and well equipped for every lesson they attend. This prevents disruption to their own learning as well as the learning of others and allows teachers to make the maximum use of teaching time available.

Please find below a list of equipment every student must have for every lesson. If they need to replenish any items, these are available for purchase on ParentPay, which will then be distributed to students in form time.

  • Student Knowledge Organiser (provided by the school termly)
  • 2 black pens

  • 1 green pen

  • Coloured pencils

  • 2 sharpened pencils (with eraser if possible)

  • 1 eraser/rubber (if pencil doesn’t have an eraser)

  • 1 pencil sharpener

  • 1 highlighter pen

  • 1 30cm ruler

  • 1 glue stick

  • 1 geometry set

  • 1 scientific calculator

  • 1 pencil case

Tippex or other correction fluids are not allowed in school.

Students can purchase a pencil case from Student Services which contains most of the essential stationery items, see below.


Pencil Case (filled - includes 2 black pens, 1 green pen, 2 sharpened pencils, 1 eraser, 1 pencil sharper, 1 highlighter pen and a 30cm ruler) £4.50
Pencil Case (empty) £0.75
Pen set (includes 2 black pens, 1 green pen & 1 yellow highlighter) £1.50
Pencil set (includes 2 sharpened pencils, 1 eraser and a pencil sharper) £0.70
Geometry Set £1.30
Scientific Calculator £8.40