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Business and Economics


We mean business.


We want students to know, love and engage with the information they’re learning; and then be confident in their application of the knowledge to meet examination criteria.


In the business department, we want to prepare young people for life in the real world by recognising the impact of business, the economy and finance on their daily lives. The curriculum is designed to mirror the knowledge and topics demanded for their qualifications, but by adding their own personal context and understanding, they become more aware of how they can thrive and succeed in life.

This can range from managing their own businesses, apply for jobs or simply being able to set up an appropriate bank or savings account to suit their stage in life.

The importance and relevance of a business subject to our young people can never be understated; affording the opportunity to understand the politics, economy and with many cross-curricular links with topics such as production (linked to DT), and communication skills (links to English, media and ICT).

“Economics is everywhere, and understanding economics can help you make better decisions and lead a happier life.”

Tyler Cowen, economics professor and New York Times columnist.