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The 16-19 bursary fund is designed to help support young people who are facing financial barriers to continuing in education after the age of 16. This is available to sixth formers at Uxbridge High School to help with any school-related expenses which could include equipment, travel, books, stationery, school trips, school clothing, attending interviews, etc. The 16-19 bursary will only be awarded to a student that is eligible and facing genuine financial barriers to staying in education.

The school receives a bursary fund from the government, which is then distributed to students through the bursary fund. There are 4 types of bursary available – the amount and frequency of bursary paid is based on the type of bursary and the amount of students accepted onto the scheme for that year.

Note that payments will be made to a bank account in the student’s name only – as part of the application process a photocopy of the student’s bank card or a copy of the student’s bank statement must be included to verify bank details provided. Supporting evidence of eligibility may be required as part of the application process.

Only one type of bursary will be awarded, therefore please do not apply for different types of bursary.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible to receive a 16-19 bursary, you must:

  • be aged 16 or over and under 19 on 31st August prior to the academic year;
  • satisfy the residency criteria set out in ESFA funding regulations (to be resident a student must be settled in the UK on the first day of the academic year (1st September) and be ordinarily resident in the UK and islands for the three years preceding that date).

Additional eligibility requirements for each type of bursary applies – please click on the link on the right to view these additional requirements. Eligibility must be fully evidenced by supporting documentation provided during the application process.

Other Requirements

Any student awarded a discretionary or exceptional bursary must adhere to the following criteria in order to receive payments:


Students should have at least 96% attendance at all timetabled lessons and registration unless they have prior permission from the Head of Sixth Form for authorised absence.

  • Holidays will not be authorised.
  • The school will allow for one period of absence due to ill health (maximum 3 consecutive days) each term, without the loss of funds for that month.
  • Approved study leave for exams, participation on educational trips, or approved representative activities will count as an attendance.
  • Where students are unacceptably late to lesson or registration, then these will count as absence.


Students must abide by the standards of behaviour and effort as agreed at the start of their course. If poor behaviour or effort is reported and supported by documentary evidence, the student will not be paid in the following month. If the student receives more than 10 negative points on Class Charts for that term, the student will not be paid until the negative points have been worked off and the student is back to zero or positive behaviour points.


Students must show that they are making progress towards their target grades (set by the school) at the end of each term. If the students’ progress is indicated as RED by SIMS and there has been no improvement from the previous data drop, the student will not be paid until improvement can be evidenced.

If you have any queries, please email