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The UHS house system

Making the transition to secondary school brings all kinds of new experiences. Our house system is designed to guide you through all of these experiences by providing you with a strong foundation of support to help you to grow and reach your full potential.

Our house system is based on universities and the houses form the heart of our support system at Uxbridge High School - Brunel, Cambridge, Imperial, Oxford and Warwick.  You will be assigned to a form group within one of these houses. Your form tutor will look after everyone in your form group. You will see your form tutor every morning, before you attend any lessons for the day. Your form tutor will help you to plan your day and make sure that you have everything that you need for your lessons. They will also be there to talk with you about all aspects of school life, whether it's a question about how to make friends or how to get to your next lesson. 

All houses have a house captain, vice-captain and a number of prefects.  These students can be seen by the unique tie that they wear.  They also form a crucial system of support and will visit your form weekly, so that you can discuss issues relating to school.  These students are chosen from Years 9 to 11, with the captain and vice-captain usually being in Year 10 and/or 11.  As well as house captains and prefects we all have student ambassadors. Together, all of these students make up our student leadership team. This may be you one day!

Character credits are awarded for positive behaviours that reflect our PROUD values of being Positive, Respectful, Open-minded, Unique and Determined.  Students who continually reflect these values are then awarded PROUD badges.  At the end of each term, those with the most character credits and few negative points are taken on rewards trips.  These have included ice-skating at the Natural History Museum; PGL and Jump Giants to name a few.

Your head of learning and assistant head of learning will monitor your academic progress and work with you to ensure you achieve your best in all subjects. We understand that during your first year here, you may need support from us to help you to adjust to the new environment and the new expectations that your teachers will have of you. If you have any worries or concerns, or maybe just a question, speak to a member of the house team or the student leadership team. They will work with you to make things better again.