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Uxbridge High School

The Harsh Reality of Bullying

What bullying means at our school.

Everyone knows what bullying is-repetitively Hurting someone emotionally or physically. But do you know how many people it affects in a specific area? At our school like all others, bullying is an issue that has an impact on all of us. Bullying can be Physical, Mental or Cyberbullying among others. Below is an example of Emotional bullying.

Some people view bullying as a problem that won’t affect them. But our results show that people have experienced bullying and only resolved it partially. It also shows that most bullying is verbal and a combination of cyber bulling, physical bullying and verbal bullying/others. Half of the people who replied to our survey had been bullied which proves how widespread an issue bullying is.

There is no way to entirely eradicate bullying but it can be lessened through raised awareness and acceptance of others. When no one finds bullying amusing is when it shall end. Having said that, here are some things you can do if you are being bullied, some are more obvious than others: talk to a trustworthy friend or parent about what is happening or write down the bullying that is taking place and show it to someone as evidence.

A safe place to report bullying



- Lucy and Harilakshmi