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Technology at UHS

Parent Pay

Uxbridge High School is a cashless school. We pay for all our meals using a thumb reader which is linked to our Parent Pay accounts. Your parent can simply top up using a debit or credit card online or use a PayPoint if you prefer to use cash. We also use ParentPay for you to buy any items from our school shop, pay for trips and also give consent to go on trips and visits.

Parent Pay

Office 365

Every student at Uxbridge High School gets a UHS email address and access to Office365. Students can download Microsoft Office on up to 5 PCs or laptops and 5 mobile devices, thus allowing you to have free access to MS Word and PowerPoint from home. Students will also be given a OneDrive where you can store documents online and access them outside of school through your computer or mobile.  You will also have online classrooms in Microsoft Teams where you will be able to watch video lessons and talk to your teachers and friends online.  Sometimes you will be expected to submit your work online to your teacher.

Microsoft Office 365


DPR is an innovative new programme that allows both students and parents top monitor progress in lessons.   Each student will be placed on a Pathway when they begin in Year 7.  They will then work through a series of Kos (Knowledge Objectives) that have been identified as the key knowledge and skills required to be successful in each subject. 

All homework for Year 7 will also be set on DPR.  Students access this using their Microsoft 365 login details that they receive when joining the school.


Bedrock Learning 

Bedrock Learning supplies the school with a bespoke literacy course that is designed to increase students’ Literacy and grammar skills significantly.  Students will also sign in using their 365 account and will complete 40 minutes per week of Literacy and grammar.  The series of fun and interactive tasks allow students to start at their own skill base and work at their own speed as the programme constantly adapts to meet their needs.