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SMSC in History

SMSC in History

SPIRITUAL - The study of history involves understanding the religious and spiritual beliefs of different societies and their customs. Students learn about how important those beliefs are to different people. They study the importance of different beliefs and how they have helped shape society today. They learn about persecution and the importance of tolerance and in doing so have the opportunity to discuss and share their opinions.

MORAL- Students are encouraged to consider and comment on the moral questions and dilemmas faced by historical figures. They learn about the different cultures, laws and the values of the people in those societies and learn to develop the ability to empathise with decisions made in the past. Students are encouraged to make moral judgements from a historical point of view and analyse sources of evidence to find out the truth.

SOCIAL- Problem solving as part of a team supports social development and students are encouraged to collaborate on activities. Students consider what past societies and other cultures have contributed to the development of ‘British’ culture today. History provides students with opportunities to express themselves and communicate their ideas.

CULTURAL- Students are encouraged to develop a better understanding of people from different cultural backgrounds. They are encouraged to study links between local, British, European and world history to develop an appreciation of our multi-cultural society. Ways in which events have shaped our culture and society are explored and the causes and consequences of cultural conflict and prejudice considered. 

Specific examples of Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development in History


Medieval Cordoba – Year 9

The Crusades – Year 9

The Arab Israeli Conflict – GCSE


Women and the Vote – Year 8

The Slave Trade – Year 9

The Holocaust – Year 9


All topics in year 7 cover English/ British society

The French Revolution – Year 8

The USA in the 1920s – GCSE


All topics in year 7 cover English/ British culture

The English Civil War – Year 8

All GCSE topics cover culture from those countries/ periods