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SMSC in Art

The Art curriculum incorporates SMSC throughout all Key Stages. Schemes of work cover a wide range of themes and starting points that can be creatively developed. Students have opportunities to explore artists from around the world and from different historical periods. This enables comparison, discussion and interpretation on many levels. Students are encouraged to see the world around them as a source of inspiration; visually, conceptually, politically, spiritually and culturally.

SMSC is embedded in schemes of work providing scope for discussions and debates surrounding art work and practices. Students bring their own experiences to lessons and incorporate these into the development of their ideas and outcomes. Personal opinion and justification are vital skills in being able to progress in the creative process. As students progress through the Key Stages they are taught to view their own and other’s work critically through oral and written discussion.

In addition to classroom learning there are opportunities throughout each year to explore SMSC through extra-curricular activities. Visits to galleries enhance student’s understanding of art in the wider context including understanding the wider possibilities of the creative industry that we witness in the world around us every day. Trips abroad have had a huge impact on the wider experience of students allowing them to compare and contrast their way of life with other’s and see how this impacts on artworks and ideas.

Art displays around the school enhance the appreciation of all staff and students allowing them to share in the successes and creativity of students past and present. The annual Art Exhibition showcasing GCSE and A Level artwork provokes wide discussion and debate about the complexity, depth and creativity of students at Uxbridge High School. The event celebrates the journeys that students have worked through to create informed, personal and unique outcomes.