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The Psychology team at Uxbridge High School are committed that through the understanding of critical analysis, independent thinking and research, students will develop skills that are desired by employers and Higher Education. 

The curriculum encourages students to think about ‘why people behave in certain ways’ and to be successful students have to be open-minded to all viewpoints whether they personally agree or disagree.  In order to build their understanding students are encouraged to read a wide range of literature and research case studies independently at home. 

Psychology requires the students to construct essays which evaluate all perspectives surrounding a critical question for example; Ever wondered if prison really does change criminal behaviour? Or why some people conform? Or perhaps if the experiences you had before the age of five really do shape the person you are today?  The evaluative writing skills required provide the foundation for further study and can be used across a variety of subjects.  Psychology links to a number of other curriculum areas including Humanities, Maths and Science and students have the opportunity to explore these links within lessons and between departments.

Psychology covers a range of very sensitive topic areas for our students and this promotes the concept of social responsibility for students as well as the Spiritual and Moral development of students during the programme of study.

The design of our curriculum at Mastery and Advanced level is to promote student engagement and a passion for studying Psychology.  Where possible students are able to complete historical Psychology experiments and are encouraged to find examples of Psychology in the real world for example; finding an article in the local newspaper on the way to school to discuss that day!  We strive to ensure that not only can our students access the rigour of exams that they have a full understanding of Psychology in the world outside of the school curriculum.