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Our Vision and Values

The UHS Way

A Vision for Uxbridge High School

PROUD to make success happen Uxbridge High School is a happy and ambitious school that enriches individuals academically, socially and emotionally. ‘The UHS Way – We develop the whole student in a safe, inclusive and supportive environment. We nurture students’ ambitions ensuring all are PROUD of their success.’ The UHS Way is the foundation of everything we do, ensuring we:

• Provide exceptional learning experiences.

• Cultivate excellence in each student.

• Have a safe, respectful and happy community.

• Prepare students for future opportunities as global citizens.

• To have a sustainable school.

Uxbridge High School students embody  the PROUD values: Positive learners, Respectful individuals, Open-minded thinkers, Unique talents, and Determined achievers

The UHS Student

Uxbridge High School students are PROUD to be:

• Positive to learn new knowledge and thrive on developing their skills.

• Respectful and kind to all members of our school community and its environment.

• Open minded and happy about all new opportunities.

• Unique in their demonstration of skills and talents.

• Determined to achieve their best in all areas of the curriculum.

UHS fosters a culture of growth and excellence from year 7 to year 13, cultivating ambitious, well-rounded individuals through a supportive, inclusive environment that values relationships, celebrates achievements, and prepares students for future success.

The UHS Culture

We nurture students’ ambitions from year 7 to year 13 in a safe, inclusive and supportive environment. We do this by:

• Developing the whole student • Cultivating excellence

• Building strong relationships

• Using praise to celebrate exceptional effort and achievement

• Teaching routines to develop self regulating students

• Modelling calm and unshockable reactions built on consistency

• Ensuring a learning environment which challenges students and raises aspirations

• Preparing students for future opportunities

UHS classrooms thrive on interactive and adaptive teaching, focused skill-building, and effective assessment, shaping students for future learning and career success.

The UHS Classroom

• All lessons start with 'meet, greet and seat' followed by a ‘Do Now’ activity. We 'end and send'.

• Adaptive teaching and intervention from the teacher meets the needs of individuals.

• We teach communication, literacy and numeracy at every opportunity.

• Questioning is used to assess knowledge and deepen thinking.

• Retrieval practice is used to recall knowledge in line with curriculum sequencing.

• Interleaving is used to make connections and enable problem-solving, evaluation and analysis.

• Lessons include opportunities for both guided and independent practice. Guided practice includes teacher to student and student to student activities.

• Timely assessment and feedback methods are used to motivate and encourage progress.

• Assessment data and software is used to accurately track progress and forecast grades.

• We explicitly teach skills for future learning and employment.