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Uxbridge High School

Our Values

A Vision for Uxbridge High School

Uxbridge High School is a school of choice where:

Through outstanding teaching, inspirational opportunities and exceptional learning we open minds and develop unique individuals.

Students and staff have the best possible environment in which to achieve, progress, learn and  thrive. They are positively focused, determined and demonstrate respect for all.

We are at the heart of our local community, a school in which all students, parents, staff, stakeholders and partners are PROUD to make success happen.

"Pupils respond eagerly to the school's 'proud' values. They take great pride in showing the badges they are awarded in assemblies for demonstrating qualities such as being positive, respectful, open-minded, unique and determined. Leaders' nurturing and recognition of pupil's positive attitudes towards each other considerably boost their self-esteem and mutual respect."
Ofsted 2018




Open Minded