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Languages are an integral and facilitating series of subjects which enable learners to develop intellectually and socially. The purpose of the languages curriculum at Uxbridge High School is to foster curiosity about the wider world, train and enhance literacy and problem-solving skills, and equip learners with a versatile skill set that will enable future success in a global and multicultural society.

In their study of languages students are encouraged to make cross-curricular links through a range of content which includes issues such as employment, human rights, the environment, different types of family, personal identity, and the arts and entertainment. They explore this content through a range of skills and learning methods they are familiar with from other subjects, such as sequencing, problem-solving, inference, verbal and non-verbal reasoning skills, and kinaesthetic activities. New technologies are also widely used to support in-class learning and improve upon the digital literacy of learners. 

Uxbridge High School builds on and strengthens on the skills of understanding and interpreting written and spoken texts that students developed as part of their primary school curriculum.