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Health & Social Care

The intention of BTEC Health and Social Care is to ensure that each student has the opportunity to understand the wide range of opportunities within the field, as well as preparing students for future employment. The Health and Social Care course is a vocational qualification which takes an engaging, practical and inspiring approach to learning and assessment. The course equips students with a specialist and realistic understanding of how to meet the needs of individuals grow and develop throughout their life, deal with events, use services and specialist equipment, whilst challenging stereotypes and discrimination. The study of care values is at the heart of Health and Social Care which develops skills such as empathy, compassion, commitment, tolerance and empowerment. This enables our students to become educated citizens and contributes to society in a positive way.  

The curriculum within Health and Social Care supports the ethos within the school as the subject is broad, balanced and relevant to the needs of students and employers. The curriculum challenges students to think abstractly, work collaboratively and problem solve to develop curiosity and the desire for knowledge within different aspects of the service. The course is designed so that the components are built upon each other as the students grow in confidence. This allows the students to embed their knowledge whilst giving opportunities to put into practice what they learn through Pearson set assignments taken throughout the year. This ensures they develop their technical skills, which they can they apply to real-life scenarios through case studies and local community contexts.  

The implementation of BTEC Health and Social Care will provide a wide range of learning experiences which are accessible to students of all abilities to achieve gold standard results. This involves group work opportunities, clearly differentiated tasks, report writing through internal assessments and examination technique for external assessments and controlled assessments. Aspirational teaching encourages students to complete tasks above target grade and emphasises the importance of real-world experiences through trips, visitors and workshops. The internally assessed units are designed to promote deep learning through ensuring the connection between knowledge and practice and memory recall. Content involves the understanding and application of human growth and development, how people deal with life events, health and social care services, as well as a practical demonstration of care values. The externally assessed unit builds upon this and allows students to interpret and assess an individual’s health and wellbeing through an exam at the end of the year.  

The BTEC Health and Social Care curriculum has a positive impact which raises awareness of different needs and the range of services available with the UK and around the world. It promotes good health which will provide life-long benefits on themselves and their families.