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Uxbridge High School

Members of the Governing Body take a full and active role in the school. They work very closely with the Principal in a positive and highly effective partnership..

If you wish to write to the Chair of Governors, Mr Peter Waine,
please do so c/o Uxbridge High School.

The Governing Body and its committees meet at least once a term.

In order to function effectively and efficiently a substantial part of its work is undertaken by five main committees.

These are:

  • Admissions
  • Attendance, Discipline and Safeguarding
  • Educational Standards
  • Facilities
  • Human Resources

Governors at Uxbridge High School:

Community Governors

Peter Waine (Chair)

Ben Beadle

Elaine O’Sullivan

Jennifer Bull




Lesley Tasker


Jessica Beishon

Nigel McGreeghan

Minesh Parmar




Nigel Clemens

Jonathon Churchill

Avril James

Ada Jarvis-Kanayo



Partnership Governors

Alicia Mouriz Guerrero

Rajiv Cahannac