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Uxbridge High School


Information on Examination results and arrangements for collection and distribution of results: Update, Tuesday 19th August, 9am. 
Release of results:

JCQ has announced that exam boards will provide all GCSE students’ centre assessed grades (CAGs) or their calculated grades (if higher) to us on Wednesday 19th August. This will mean that students will be able to collect their KS4 (mastery results) as previously arranged on Thursday 20th August.  This will mean in turn that students will be able to sign up for their sixth form courses as per our original programme.  

For A levels, we understand that exam boards will re-issue results based on the new criteria, i.e. again the higher of the CAG or calculated result. We have been advised that this is likely to be delayed until the week commencing Monday 24th August. For students who are still negotiating with destination universities, employers etc. we are able to release CAGs. This is on the understanding that the grades might change (upwards) when officially released by the examination boards. If you wish to receive your CAGs, please complete and submit the request form on this page. As soon as we have full sets of final grades we will be sending them to all students.    
Vocational qualifications. For both post 16 students and KS4 (mastery) students we have been advised that there may be some further delay in the release of final grades for some subjects. We will advise on an individual basis if this is the case. 
For all students coming onto the school site to collect results we will expect normal social distancing rules and good hygiene procedures.  For the safety of all we also ask that they do not gather in groups on or near the school site, sticking strictly to appointment times. 

For students unable to collect results in person we will email these to your school email account as soon as possible after the results days have concluded.  

If students wish to send someone in on their behalf to collect your results they will need to come with a signed letter from the student in question and one form of primary photo ID e.g. a driving license or passport. 


We hope that the results that students achieve reflect expectations. The very recent government shift to offer the higher of the schools CAG and calculated grade will work in all students’ favour.  If grades are still not as you expected, students are able to consider resitting exams.  


If students choose to do this, they will be able to use the higher of the two grades for future progression. Students wishing to sit exams in the Autumn will be required to pay for the cost of the examination.  Please complete the Autumn resit form on the right hand side of this page 


The deadlines for entry are as listed below and payments are required in advance of these dates: 

  • GCE A level – 4 September; 
  • GCSE (except English Language and Mathematics) – 18 September; 
  • GCSE (English Language and Mathematics) – 4 October. 
  • GCE A level – 4 September; 
  • GCSE (except English Language and Mathematics) – 18 September;
  • GCSE (English Language and Mathematics) – 4 October. 

Appeals: The appeal process outlined by the government last week with respect to ‘mock grades’ has been shelved. In exceptional circumstances the school can be asked to perform a data check. Please bear in mind that the school will have already checked all data on your behalf before students receive grades. In the unlikely event that an error is found the school will appeal on your behalf.