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Uxbridge High School

Does social media contribute to cyber bullying

As phones grow more popular in the world and as social media grows wider and more vulnerable, adults, teens and possibly younger children are becoming more and more obsessed with their phones. The next generation could also be the same but far worse! Think about children always on their phones instead of studying or outside activities, but phones are valuable to schools for homework apps and emailing. But are phones really helpful physically and mentally?



It’s informative when you search on the internet. Social media can lower people’s self-esteem when people comment on their posts.
Most homework is online and it’s more likely that people would buy a smartphone than a laptop or computer. The radiation from the phone can affect someone’s eyesight.
Parents can track their kids with their phones if there is a certain issue. Some people are addicted to their phone that they are tempted to text or call while driving causing accidents.
Children walks to school by themselves so they need to contact their parents with their safety. Other people give their friends’ numbers to other people without their consent.





- Yuvraj and Lily