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Do parents know best?

Should children have more control over their lives or should a trusted adult handle certain decisions? 

Grownups are like stabilisers on a bike, they help support us until we are ready to ride by ourselves. However, sometimes children argue with the decisions that adults make for us (for example; bedtime, screen time, where they can go and just basic human rights). Why should parents decide what is best for children? Do parents set up children well for their future? 

When asked if “children should be able to choose what time they go to bed?” 83% said no for various reasons and 17% said yes if they are sensible. I agree with the 83% of people who said yes, as children cannot always be trusted to make decisions like that at a young age. 

I also asked parents “what age did they let their child go out with their friends?” and 100% said over 11 the highest age was 14. Once again, I agree with the 100% of people who said 11 or over as they are entering or already are in their teenage years when people generally start to mature as they grow up. 

Once again, I asked them a question, “how often do you give your child an electronic device ban?” 16.67% said always, 16.67% said usually, 33.33% said sometimes, 0% said rarely and 33.33% said never. I would have said sometimes but it does depend on their behaviour and what they are like at home. 

Another question I asked was “how often do you spend family time together?” and the responses were 16.67% said always, 16.67% said usually, 66.67% said sometimes and 0% said rarely and never. I usually spend time with my family so I would agree with the 16.67% of people who said usually. 

The fifth question is “does your child ever complain about money?” and the results were 0% said always and usually, 50% said sometimes, 16.67% said rarely and 33.33% said never. I would agree with the 33.33% of people who said never as I never complain about money. 

Question 6 was “how often do you call your family?” 50% said every day, 0% said a few times a week and never, 33.33% said about once a week and 16.67% said not allot. I would agree with the 50% who said every day as I call my family every day. 

Finally, I asked: “how often does electronics bring your family together?” and the results were 16.67% said always, 16.67% usually, 66.67% said sometimes and 0% said rarely and never. I agree with the 16.67% who said usually. 

Adults have a duty of care to the physical and mental safety of their children and they cannot fulfil their duty without making a few decisions for us, everything they do is to help us because they care for us. I believe adults should be able to make certain decisions for us like basic human rights, as we may be too young or not mature enough to make those decisions ourselves. 

By Emma