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A typical school day at Uxbridge High School

The school gates open at 8.00am. You must be here when the first bell goes just before 8.15am. When you arrive at school you will be directed to the English block in our old building, which will be your year group base. Here you will line up in your form groups and wait for your form tutor to collect you and take you to your form room.

Registration begins at 8.15am, during which time you will be in your form room.  The next 30 minutes is invaluable, giving you time to ‘catch up’ with your form tutor, who will check uniform and equipment, tell you about all the upcoming school news and events and help you with any problems you may have.  

It is important that you arrive well-equipped for every school day with essential equipment, including a full pencil case.  If involved in a PE lesson you will need to ensure you have your PE kit and trainers with you.

One day each week you will attend a year assembly.  This is an opportunity for each year group to get together and celebrate the students’ achievements.  This begins with awards being given out, including ‘student of the week’, curriculum awards and PROUD badges, followed by an informative, topical assembly.

Lessons begin with period 1 (8.45am to 9.45am) and period 2 (9.45am to 10.45am).  You will have your own timetable, so you’ll know which lessons you have and in which rooms.  At the end of period 2 there is a 15-minute break. During this time you can socialise with friends, keep active on the courts or field and you’ll have the opportunity to purchase food and drink from the canteen.

Period 3 (11am to 12pm) follows after break. Each class may have a different group of students in it, so you will not be with the same students all the time, but you will come across your friends often enough during the day to maintain a happy and enjoyable social life.

Lunch brings you the chance to purchase hot or cold food from the large selection available in the canteen, Lunch time is from 12pm to 12.40pm for all Year 7 students and during the first few days you will get to go a bit earlier to lunch, so you can get used to how this works. At Uxbridge High School we have staggered lunch times, this means that not all year groups have lunch at the same time.

You will also have the opportunity to socialise with friends and take part in one of our many lunchtime clubs, either recreational or academic. From football in the Dome, to science or chess club, or being an anti-bullying ambassador, there are opportunities for everyone.

Period 4 (12.40pm - 1.40pm) and period 5 which is from 1.40pm - 2:40pm and is the last lesson for the day. The school day for Year 7 will finish at a slightly earlier time than the rest of the school. All Year 7 students will start to be dismissed from 2.40pm. Your teacher may keep you behind until 3pm if they need to speak to you after the lesson. The earlier finishing time has been introduced especially for our Year 7 students. The aim is to reduce overcrowding of students on buses and to ensure the safety of all our students as they leave school site, by allowing for a calmer finish to the day.

Extra-curricular activities take place during period 6 (2.40pm to 4pm) where you’ll again be able to take part in one of the many subject-based clubs, including sport; art; music and drama.  You’re also welcome to stay and do your homework in the library.  If you do attend an extra-curricular club, you’ll be awarded with character credits for your efforts, while you may even get the opportunity to go on and represent the school, playing home or away sports fixtures or being part of whole school productions.