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Oxbridge Aspiration Programme

Our talented cohort of aspiring Oxbridge applicants set forth on 4th February 2016 to the campus of Brunel University, to take part in a Critical Thinking Skills session.


This included a lecture by Dr Danielle Tran, on how to read and think critically, especially when undertaking one’s own independent research. Our group of Year 11 and 12 high achievers were kept on their toes with a ‘mobile poll’ question and answer session, demonstrating very apposite reasoning and questioning skills in our follow up discussion. Gloria Feudjo Tepie, Lola Onalaja, and Farhana Choudhry made particularly impressive contributions.


This lead very comfortably into discussing their own mini independent research projects, which they will be undertaking over the half term. These will range from political investigations to scientific action research. We are looking forward to the fruits of their labour!


Following the lecture and discussion, our students received a tour of the library from the head librarian, and were given certificates of attendance from the University. These certificates will allow our most able students to use Brunel University library at their leisure after school and during the half term holiday, enabling them to pursue and develop their own academic interests.