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Young Drivers' Workshop

On 4th February 2016, Uxbridge High School Sixth Form students were visited by staff from Good Egg Drivers Team. Our Year 12 students attend a one hour workshop to assist them with applying for a provisional licence, choosing an instructor, getting insured and how to keep your licence.


This workshop was a good follow up session and complimented the Safe Drive Stay Alive presentation some our students attended in November 2015, which discussed the importance of young driver’s safety.


The presentation included a talk from Christie Doran, who is a 20 year old track racer and loves life in the fast lane. However, she also knows exactly when to kill her speed too. She said at the event:


 “Speed is great on the track but not on the road. In the UK around 400 people a year are killed in crashes where someone exceeds the speed limit or drives too fast for the conditions. I know people my age who have already had bad crashes. “

The student’s feedback was very positive and they all want to learn to drive if not so already, however they realised after this presentation it’s all about learning the right skills and found this guide really helpful. They learnt that there is a time and place and learnt that there can be devastating consequences when drivers get it wrong on the roads.