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Key Stage 4 Results

Students and staff at Uxbridge High School have been delighted with KS4 results this year.  Record numbers of students have achieved the highest grades.  Our top performers include:

Haazim Tungekar              12A*, 1A, 1B, (A* Distinction in Additional Maths)

Amelia Bowman                11A*, 2A, 1B

Aisha McPherson              10A*, 1A, 2B

Kaelum van der Berg         3A*, 5A, 4B

Tanzil Choudhury              2A*, 9A, 2B

Muhammed Safi                2A*, 8A, 3B

Matthew Holmes               2A*, 6A, 5B (A* Distinction in Additional Maths)

Special congratulations to Rianna Dean who, in addition to representing England Ladies football U17 in the World Cup in Iceland during her examination preparation, also achieved 1A*, 3A and 6B.  Rianna’s results were collected by her mother as she was training with England today.

Over a third of students achieved the English Baccalaureate (EBAC) with top grades in Humanities, Science and Modern Foreign Languages in addition to English and Maths.  English and Maths progress results rose sharply and were close to expected national averages.  The Sciences, Design and Technology subjects, Business Studies and ICT performed particularly strongly, supporting students with their overall grades. 

Uxbridge High School is now measured for performance using the DfE Progress 8 Measure.  This takes into account student starting points and their progress over a range of eight subjects, including English and Maths.

Nigel Clemens, Principal, said “We are pleased to be an early adopter school for Progress 8.  We believe this to be a much fairer measure for the school as it takes into account the progress of all students rather than just those crossing the traditional C/D grade borderline.  Our early calculations show that we will meet national standards in this measure.  I would like to congratulate all students on their results, but particularly those who made exceptional progress achieving two or more grades per subject above expectations.  These include: Angelo Valdez, Muna Osman, Nasteho Osman and Nishal Bheekarry.”

Students collecting their results today were keen to sign up to our thriving Sixth Form and are looking forward to re-joining school in September.