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​​​​​​​International Evening Auditions

I am delighted to inform you of our international evening, which will take place on Wednesday 21st February 2024. International evening will be a celebration of the diversity of cultures within our school through the student’s own creativity. To have everyone feel that they can participate in an event that will develop the pride of the school, whether it be through musical performance or catwalk to exhibit their cultural clothing.


However, first and foremost, before we can get the event up and running and ready for an audience, we need some performers!


You may recall that we held auditions back in December, and from that, we signed up some excellent performance ready for the event in February. However, we are now holding a second set of auditions for anyone who did not manage to make it the first time around.


Our judging panel will be holding auditions on Tuesday 30th January 2024 from 3pm to 4pm in the Orsino building. Students need to register in advance to secure an audition slot. Therefore, if your child would like to participate, please click here to complete the registration form by Friday 26th January 2024.


Audition pieces can be anything from a poetry reading; a dance solo or group; solo instrumentals; singers or anything in-between.


We are very much looking forward to seeing pieces from the wealth of talent that we have across the school and hope to see as many students turn up as possible.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the school via our new email address.


Yours sincerely


S Kaur-Hender                                                                   

Diversity and Equality Lead

Business Studies Curriculum Leader