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Students return to school on Monday, 2nd November 2020. Click here for staggered start and finish times

Our staggered start and finish times have helped keep student bubbles apart. We will continue with these with the following amendments:


Year Current start time Revised start time Current exit time Revised exit time Gate
7 8.15am 8.15am 2.50pm 2.50pm 3
8 8.15am 8.15am 3.05pm 3.00pm 1
9 8.40am 8.20am 3.05pm 3.10pm 7
10 8.40am 8.30am 3.20pm 3.15pm 1
11 8.25am 8.25am 3.20pm 3.20pm 3
12/13 8.25am 8.30am Variable Variable 7