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Students and staff at Uxbridge High School are delighted with this year’s sixth form results, 100% of students achieved examination success. 98% of exams entered received a grade A*- E or equivalent and 33% of the examinations were passed at the highest A*- B grades. We have also seen a year on year increase in students achieving the highest grades.

History, maths, further maths, physics, business and finance were among our top performing subjects, with a majority achieving the highest A*- B grades. Students performed very strongly in other facilitating subjects, including geography, opening opportunities for students to take places at top Russell Group universities.

This year’s high flying students include:

Tom Berlad A* A B
Rajan Bhatoy A* A A A B
Ahmad Eblagh A* A A
Sophie Hennings DD* B
Hasina Majithia DD* B
Shahmeer Mohammad A A A*
Shakib Sadighi DD
Caterina Silva DD* A*
Yashraj Songra DD* B


Ahmad who achieved A* A A, is going to study engineering at UCL, said “hard work is everything!”.

Rajan achieved an incredible 5 A levels with an A in Biology, B in Chemistry, A* in mathematics, A in further maths and an A in physics. Rajan is going to read computer science at Brunel University.

Catarina, Head Girl, achieved an A* in Spanish and a Distinction*/Distinction in performing arts and said “I am so proud, really, really happy” and is off to study performing arts at Arts University, Bournemouth.

Yuvraj achieved a double Distinction in business studies and has already started his football scholarship in America.

Mohammed said “I am so happy, I achieved the grades I needed with the teachers’ support” and is off to do economics and management at Loughborough University.

Kavilash and Kavinash, twins, both achieved the same grades as each other: B, C, C.

Students taking vocational subjects achieved a 100% pass rate with distinction being the average grade.

This year’s high flying vocational students include Catarina Silva, who gained the highest grade of D*Distinction in performing arts and Hasina Majithia, Sophie Hennings, Savannah Antoine, Marsan Bajramkurti and Yashraj Songra gaining D*D in business studies.

Jonathon Churchill, Head of Sixth Form said: “I am very proud of the student’s achievements. The results are testament to the hard work and dedication of the students, parents and staff. I wish the students every success in their future pathways.”