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History trip to Warwick Castle

On Friday 17th October, the History Department took ninety-five Year 8 students to visit Warwick castle as part of their module on the Battle of Hastings and the rule of William the Conqueror. 

Both groups got to experience a walk around the castle grounds, the battlements and the interior of the castle. This helped the students understand how the castle had changed over the years and they learnt about whom it was home to and their roles in shaping British history. The students also loved the tour of the dungeons, a scary twist on history that discussed things like the plague and medieval torture. Overall, the day was thoroughly enjoyable and the students were excellently behaved.

Some of the comments received from Year 8 students were “It was interesting to see just how high the castle went and the views from these high points” “It was a fun and interactive way of learning” “It was fun, educational and interactive and I wish we could have stayed longer”