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Salter’s SEN Chemistry Festival

Salter’s SEN Chemistry Festival at Brunel University, Thursday 4th May, 2017.

Student Review:

‘There were five schools invited to Brunel University for the second annual Salter’s Chemistry Festival. The purpose of the festival was for students to learn about chemistry by taking part in experiments. In the first experiment we used different powders and inks to investigate who had killed someone. The second experiment required us to collect different types of water to make some soap creations. The day finished with a science magic show - led by a university professor - and included bending steel and freezing food in liquid nitrogen.

I particularly enjoyed when we searched for different types of water - pond water, lake water, drinking water and boiled water – mixing the water with oils and nuts to make soap.

When the rewards were presented at the end of the day, Uxbridge High were awarded with 3rd place for the murder mystery investigation – a great achievement! ‘

By Katie W (7yYO)