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Staff at Uxbridge High school are delighted that students average grades achieved across a range of subjects has increased to a C. 

Students combined English and maths score has risen 10% from last year and is now close to national average at 54%.   20% of students achieved the top grades in a range of academic subjects (EBacc) again in line with national average.

The sciences have seen a dramatic increase in results this year with 100% pass rate in triple science (biology, chemistry and physics) and both additional / core science scoring highly and well above national average.   Other highly performing subjects are statistics, electronics, drama and RE. 

33% of overall entries for students were awarded A* - B and 18 students achieved six or more A* & A grades.  Congratulations to our top performing students who include:

Annabelle Swaby                             9A*, 2A, 1B

Nadim Asil                                       4A*, 7A, 1B

Daniel Lachasseigne                       4A*, 7A, 1B

Harrison Martin                                4A*, 4A, 4B

Amin Akhtar                                     4A*, 3A, 5B        

Pavan Lakhanpal                             4A*, 3A, 1B, 2C

Max Lucuta                                      2A*, 7A, 2B, 1C

Jamie Fryer                                      2A*, 6A, 2B

Jefri Reci                                          2A*, 7A, 1B, 1C

Visali Vijayathas                               2A*, 6A, 3B

Victoria Bond                                    1A*, 5A, 5B, C

James Bowman                                1A*, 6A, 1B, 2C

All schools this year will be measured using Progress 8 measures, these figures however will take several weeks for the Department for Education to calculate.

Schools are no longer measured on the old style 5 A* - C in English and maths scores however it is worth noting that this figure has risen for Uxbridge High School by 11% from last year and now stands at 50%

Students collecting their results today were keen to sign up to our Sixth Form and are looking forward to re-joining school in September.

Nigel Clemens, Principal said, ‘I am pleased that the school has benchmarked its improvement journey with a sound set of GCSE results.  Most importantly students will be delighted today to learn of their substantial success across all subjects, putting them in a strong position as they enter Post 16 education and training.  Congratulations go to all staff and students alike’.