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Uxbridge High School

Welcome to our new year 7 students

These welcome and introduction pages were created for and used by our 2020 Year 7 cohort.  However, they will be useful and interesting for prospective families to view.  They give a useful insight into the care and support we give to our incoming students.  The pages will be updated as the year progresses in preparation for transition in the summer of 2021.


Essential items (summer checklist)

Preparing for secondary school pack

DOWNLOAD: Preparing for secondary school pack

In order to help you transition smoothly from primary school to secondary school, we have prepared a pack of fun activities to do, which I should like you to read and complete carefully with your parent. These activities will help you to think about some of the changes you may have to make to your daily routine, as well as some top tips on how to make new friends at Uxbridge High School.