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Uxbridge High School

We are delighted to invite our new Year 7 students to the Uxbridge High School summer school which is taking place at the end of July 2022

The summer school aims to build confidence and provide an opportunity to make new friends before students start school in September. The two days will consist of a range of activities from team building and social activities, to experiencing different areas of the school curriculum.  Everything will be designed for your child to learn from and, more importantly, enjoy.


For students purchasing a lunch at school it will cost: £2.25 for students. Those that are FSM do not have to pay.

Drinks can be purchased separately at 50p each.

All students will get a free snack.


Dates:  25 & 26 July 2022



Please check this page again in June


Letter: to be added at a future date

Registration and consent: to be added at a future date