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Uxbridge High School

SMSC in Drama

Drama lessons provide numerous opportunities for SMSC. In all key stages, students are given stimuli from which to develop creative ideas for drama, which require students to discuss and share opinions on social and cultural issues. All lessons in the drama curriculum area require students to work together to achieve learning objectives. Debates and discussions are held in regards to how they view the world around them, ensuring that other’s perspectives are listened to and respected.


Students give presentations and performances in front of their peers building on confidence and their ability to view other’s work critically. Playwrights and performers from other cultures are explored, giving them an appreciation of other traditions and recognition of difference in the world.


The SMSC opportunities in the drama curriculum is then enriched through our extremely comprehensive list of extra-curricular activities, which almost all of our students contribute to at some point during the year. These are very much embedded into the culture at Uxbridge High School and enrich each student’s experience, helping them to grow as people and contribute to the school community. Last year these included: UDC – Uxbridge Drama Club for KS3 students; school productions; workshops with Intermission Youth Theatre; workshops with the Royal Shakespeare Company; links with Brunel University; performance evenings both in school and out in the community; theatre for KS4 and KS5 students; links with local primary schools and work experience placements at both KS4 and 5 at the Compass Theatre.


Drama displays show support for the school ethos and whole school policies. The curriculum area also has a presence on displays around the school, promoting opportunities for performance and group work.


An SMSC audit was completed last year and identified areas of strengths in drama and the curriculum that is delivered and highlighted areas for further development.