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Uxbridge High School

SMSC in Design and technology

Design and Technology host a Technology Week on an annual basi and each year the focus is on an aspect of the curriculum. The curriculum area runs a range of quick make activities at lunchtime, which students take part in on the stage and in the Food Technology room. Through these activities we aim to enhance the students’ enthusiasm for the subject.


Design and Technology has run a few extra-curricular clubs over the past year including the D&T club for the More Able students in KS3 and a baking club for those students who are keen to enhance their baking knowledge. We run extra curricular clubs which we feel will enhance students’ performance and enthusiasm in the subject.  We are currently in the process of setting up new clubs for the current academic year and hope to encourage new starters to the school, both students and teachers, to get involved.


Last year we had a whole lesson that allowed all year 7 students to experience the Food Revolution Day that was orchestrated by a live link nationally with Jamie Oliver, celebrity chef.  This activity inspired year 7s to create their own 'Squashed Sandwich' which used healthy and nutritious ingredients.   TRAID also came into school last year to provide a workshop for GCSE students, this focussed on the sustainability part of the curriculum and introduced the students to new textiles techniques. All GCSE students participated and several are now developing the techniques they learnt to incorporate them into their own designs.