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Uxbridge High School

religious education

Religious education is a very popular department in Uxbridge High school. Students also have the option to choose GCSE RE and the Philosophy A-level. Lessons are highly engaging and thought provoking.


There are 3 full time specialised teachers of RE.

key stage 3

In KS3, the religious education curriculum area explore key topics such as:

  • The life of Moses
  • The life of Jesus
  • Pilgrimages
  • Persecution

Students have two lessons per fortnight of Religious Education in years 7 and 8.

key stage 4

The Eduqas GCSE course begins in year 9. In year 10 students have the option to select religious education as a full course GCSE.

Some of the GCSE topics that we cover are:

  • abortion
  • sanctity of life
  • peace and conflict.

Exam Board - Eduqas

Exam - 100%

key stage 5

The religious education curriculum area offer the Philosophy A-level. This is a very interesting subject that encourages students to reflect on ultimate questions relating to our universe - does God exist? What is the design theory?  

Exam Board - AQA

Exam - 100%

extra curricular

Religious Education offer a lunchtime Bible club and the curriculum area looks after the Reflection Space during lunchtimes.  For more information on this, please see Reflection Space in SMSC.