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Uxbridge High School

At Uxbridge High School, we are working hard to promote our students’ literacy and ensure they all achieve to the very best of their ability. We believe all teachers are teachers of literacy. The key skills of reading, writing, and oral communication are what enables students to access all areas of the curriculum.

We support literacy in every lesson by sharing the key words with students and actively teaching new vocabulary. Students are provided with feedback on written accuracy and their spoken communication is in standard English. Throughout the school day, during lessons and around the school, students are encouraged to use Standard English in conversations with both their peers in addition to adults. This means, that in every lesson, the students quickly recognise errors enabling them to continually improve all aspects of literacy.

"Pupils read widely and often because of their regular use of the library and the opportunities in lessons, including reading out loud frequently. A range of initiatives, the sharing of literacy information with staff and the checking of comprehension all serve to boost pupils' interest and skills in reading."
Ofsted 2018

 Reading is an integral part of the curriculum and culture of the school.  Students are encouraged to read books across a variety of genres. This is modelled by the school Literary Canon, which takes place during form time.  This encourages students to develop reading fluency as they regularly listen to confident readers and also have the opportunity to read aloud. We have a library we are proud of with a range of interesting books for every learner and all abilities.

Students across all key stages are expected to proofread their extended writing and encouraged to make corrections independently.


Good literacy skills are required to access all aspects of the curriculum. This continues into the 6th form with students recognising that higher education and future employers value good literacy. We ensure students are reading widely and often and that they are given every opportunity to develop their speaking and listening skills. We also provide literacy mats that all students have access to, which help them with their academic writing and regular study skill sessions on how to improve exam technique. To prepare students moving on to University, we help build their confidence by teaching them how to Harvard Reference.