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Uxbridge High School

Principal's commendation badges are given out for truly exemplary behaviour. 18 students (6 per term) are awarded each year.

winners 2020/21

Francesca (Y7) - For being very engaged and hardworking whilst doing remote learning at home. Francesca also asked her computer science teacher if she could learning coding.

Abeeran (Y11) - For being a model student who is always polite and eager to learn. Abeeran is a dedicated student who exemplifies the PROUD values. He has shown great leadership skills and is a supportive team player.

Munisa (Y10) - For working extremely hard and producing excellent work. Munisa goes above and beyond with regards to her effort.

Victoria (Y11) - For consistently going above and beyond to improve her literacy and exam skills. Victoria is also very supportive of students around her in lessons.

Daniela (Y10) - For being an outstanding student whose talent and ability is exceeded only by her strong ethic. Daniela is always polite and humble. She is respected by her peers and has come on leaps and bounds in her confidence. She has also encouraged other girls to be more confident in lessons.

Keira (Y12) - For her exceptional behaviour and attitude in performing arts. Keira has shown enthusiasm and resilience. She has taken on the main role in the Y12 performance exam and devised her own narration lines to add to the performance.


Winners 2019/20

Adrian (Y8) - For being an incredibly hardworking and polite student. Adrian is very helpful and kind-hearted and is always eager to learn. He exemplifies our PROUD values extremely well.

Elleanna (Y13) - For her commitment to helping the Y7 and Y8 reading intervention groups.

Daniel (Y10) - For being a model student who his peers look up to. Daniel has shown great attitude towards learning which he has received many awards for. He has shown great interest in school sports and is a sociable individual who is able to maintain mature conversations with his teachers. Daniel has also spoken at many assemblies.

Gursharan (Y9) - For asking his teacher to organise a food technology club, which he has encouraged other students to join. Gursharan is polite and professional in every lesson and often stays behind to help clear up after food technology practicals.

Nazifar (Y10) - For showing outstanding independent learning. Nazifar has managed her DT project to achieve an excellent standard of work, well beyond what was expected.

Hemesh (Y7) - For being extremely motivated during Spanish lessons. Hemesh always goes the extra mile. He completes challenges that have been set and asks for extra homework. He is very organised, extremely motivated and positive.