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Uxbridge High School

October 2018

    2 October                Uxbridge High School Open Evening for all prospective parents

12 October                 Parents to return Supplementary Information Forms if applying under                                              Aptitude Criteria.

19 October                Aptitude Assessments for those students who have applied under                                    Aptitude Criteria

26 October                Parents will be informed of the outcome of the aptitude assessments

28 October                Statutory deadline for receipt of Year 7 applications to your Local Authority

March 2019

  1 March                   Parents will be notified of the school place for their child

15 March                   Deadline for acceptances by parents

28 March                   Deadline for appeals

April 2019

Parents will be contacted by letter from Uxbridge High School and Admissions Booklets will be sent to parents for completion and return.

June 2019

Primary School visits

Staff from Uxbridge High School will visit students in their primary schools during June. They will answer any questions children may have about changing schools and will distribute a transition pack, to include a letter about Induction Day, uniform and our Summer Transition School.

July 2019

Induction Day - 2nd July 2019

Students should arrive at Uxbridge High School, in their current primary school uniform and assemble outside the Lancaster Building no earlier than 8.30am. Parents are not required to attend any part of the Induction Day.   If you haven’t received a letter regarding Induction Day by the end of June, please contact Uxbridge High School.

September 2019

5th September 2019 - Year 7, Year 11 and Sixth Form students start at 8.40am, with Years 8 to 10 students starting the next day.


There will be a full Parent Consultation Evening with subject teachers in the Summer Term 2020.