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Uxbridge High School

Uxbridge High operates a house system: Lancaster, Stuart, Tudor, Windsor and York House. Siblings will be placed in the same house to ensure continuity of pastoral care.

Lancaster House  

Head of House - Jivan Sahota

House Guidance Leader - Naomi Fisher

Stuart House

Head of House - Ada Jarvis

House Guidance Leader - Sarah Herbert

Tudor House

Head of House - Wajid Raja

House Guidance Leader - Rachel Harrison

Windsor House

Head of House - Toby Wolf

House Guidance Leader - Yola Konieczny

York House

Head of House - Meenhaz Janar

House Guidance Leader - Zoe McCarthy


The House system exists to provide a place where students can be supported with all matters, from academic through to personal. Each house team consists of a Head of House and a House Guidance Leader, with one of these positions filled by a non-teaching member of staff, meaning that they can devote their time fully to the pastoral care of the students.

In addition, each child has a form tutor, who should be the direct contact if there are any queries about something at the school.

Please contact your child's House Guidance Leader here.