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Uxbridge High School

"The house system has become well established and, along with the 'proud' values, serves to improve pupils' attitudes to their learning and deepen their camaraderie."
Ofsted 2018

Uxbridge High operates a house system: Lancaster, Stuart, Tudor, Windsor and York House. Siblings will be placed in the same house to ensure continuity of pastoral care.

Lancaster House  

Head of House - Michelle Cottam

House Guidance Leader - Naomi Fisher

Stuart House

Head of House - Ada Jarvis

House Guidance Leader - Sarah Herbert

Tudor House

Head of House - Rowland Weller

House Guidance Leader - Sarah Herbert

Windsor House

Head of House - Toby Wolf

House Guidance Leader - Naomi Fisher

York House

Head of House - Meenhaz Janar

House Guidance Leader - Geniece Watson


The House system exists to provide a place where students can be supported with all matters, from academic through to personal. Each house team consists of a Head of House and a House Guidance Leader, with one of these positions filled by a non-teaching member of staff, meaning that they can devote their time fully to the pastoral care of the students.

In addition, each child has a form tutor, who should be the direct contact if there are any queries about something at the school.

Please contact your child's House Guidance Leader here.