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Uxbridge High School


As a popular subject at Uxbridge High School history offers a wide range of topics across the key stages.

The history curriculum area occupies a suite of rooms in the Old Building. All History classrooms are well-equipped and have interactive whiteboards.

There are four full time teachers in the History curriculum area.

key stage 3

At Key Stage 3, students study a wide range of topics from the Battle of Hastings to the Crusades and Medieval Cordoba to World War II.  In Year 7 students focus on ‘The Rise and fall of Kings and Queens’’ and in Year 8 they look at ‘Empire, Class and Conflict & Cooperation’.


Homework is set on a regular basis to consolidate students’ learning.  Students are formally assessed three times per year throughout Key Stage 3 and informally each half term.

key stage 4

In Year 9 we begin to focus on GCSE related topics and exam skills. Topics include Crusades, peace-making in the 1920s and 1930s and the Cold War.


In Year 10 and 11 the students follow the Edexcel syllabus. Students learn a broad range of topics from Medieval history to 20th Century history, these are formally examined at the end of Year 11. Students study a thematic topic: Crime and Punishment in Britain from c.1000. They also study a period topic: Conflict in the Middle East from 1945-1995 and a depth study: Nazi and Weimar Germany, 1918-1939. They will finally study a Medieval depth topic: the reigns of King Richard I and King John.

Exam Board - Edexcel

Exam - 100%

key stage 5

For A Level, we offer the students the Edexcel syllabus.  In Year 12 the students study two topics: a breadth topic - option 1E ‘Russia 1917-91: from Lenin to Yeltsin’ and a depth topic - option 2E.2 ‘The German Democratic Republic, 1949-90'.  In Year 13, students study a breadth and depth topic: option 35.1: Britain: losing and gaining an empire, 1763-1914. They must also complete a Historical Enquiry – this is the coursework option and students write a piece of coursework based on change and continuity in Russia and the USSR from the era of the Tsars to the Communist era.

Exam Board - Edexcel

Coursework - 20%

Exam - 80%

extra curricular

The History curriculum area offers a number of opportunities for the students to enrich their studies, both in school and on a number of interesting school trips and visits.  Visits have included the London Dungeons, Warwick Castle, the WWI and WWII Battlefields in Ypres and Normandy, Russia, Berlin, Auschwitz-Birkeneau Concentration Camp in Poland and the Imperial War Museum.