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Uxbridge High School

Height, Weight, Bullying Bait

Many people are picked on because of their appearance. You may not realise it, but it is happening all around you. Your looks are something you shouldn’t feel the need to change in any circumstance. Some forms of appearance bullying include being picked on for: your weight, your height, your hair colour and for wearing glasses.

A group of students – from years 7 to 10 – were asked questions in a survey. From the results, we can tell that 65% of the students have felt shameful of their appearance. We can also tell that 42% of the students have felt peer-pressured to change their appearance. From this group of students 25% of them said that they were bullied because of their weight; 15% said that they have been bullied for wearing glasses or for their hair colour and 10% said they were bullied for their height. 77% of the students personally feel that the most common type of appearance bullying is because of peoples’ weight.

An anonymous source said “Bullying because of your appearance isn’t good and should be stopped.” One person has said: ‘It happens a lot, depends on where you’re from for example, here, people will be bullied because of their height or skin colour and it’s really unfair.’

Don’t let people bring you down your perfect just the way you are. If anything is going on don’t be afraid to tell a teacher, parent, carer or friend  there will always be someone there to talk to.


- Ciara and Emilie