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Uxbridge High School

The school curriculum continues to promote healthy eating and lifestyles.  Consequently, we wish to ensure that any food consumed during the school day has nutritional value for our students.  As parents, we know that you want the students to be successful and encourage them to take pride in the school environment and its local community.

Therefore, no fizzy, sugary or energy drinks should be brought onto the school site and we recommend all students carry a water bottle each day.  Any food that is not considered to be of nutritional value (for example, sweets and confectionery) and/or creates additional litter will be confiscated and returned to the students at the end of the day.

To clarify, items of undoubted nutritional value will not be confiscated.

Sweets, confectionery and fizzy/energy drinks are clear examples where confiscation will take place.  In this event, students will be offered the opportunity to collect any wrapped items at the end of the school day.  Unwrapped or uncollected items will be disposed of.

We have reviewed our policy and practice in respect of foods that fall between these categories, namely items such as crisps, snack/cereal bars and cakes.  These will be permitted if students are carrying them as part of a packed lunch or as a snack in sensible quantity.

Our school meals provision includes a range of cakes and sweet puddings as part of balanced rotational menus.  These can be purchased as a mid-morning snack or as part of a full school meal at lunchtime.

We do not sell fizzy drinks but have installed numerous non-touch water points around the school.  These provide students with a source of fresh water to fill their own multi-use water bottle.

We will continue to encourage students to visit shops near to their home rather than adjacent to the school.  To this end, we will have duty staff at the shops opposite the school before and after school.  Students should not congregate there or use these shops unless they have individual permission from duty staff for urgent purchases.