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Uxbridge High School

From January, lateral flow testing for asymptomatic cases was introduced for schools. These tests aim to identify positive cases within the school community that would normally go undetected due to lack of symptoms, but could contribute to the spread of the virus amongst students, staff and their families. 

The lateral flow tests produce a result in 30 minutes and do not require a laboratory to process. Whilst a negative test does not completely remove the risk of transmission, being tested helps to keep the school community and their families at home safer.

The testing site has been in operation from the beginning of term, with weekly testing being undertaken for students and twice weekly for staff that are on site. 

In accordance with government guidance, testing for staff will now be undertaken at home twice weekly. In addition, students will be offered testing three times at school (3-5 days apart). Those students that have undertaken testing at school three times, will then be given home test kits to undertake testing at home twice weekly. All test results should be reported to the relevant website provided, and to the school – whether the result is positive, negative or void. 


Important: This testing does not replace testing for those with symptoms. No student or staff should attend school if they are displaying symptoms, if they are required to self-isolate or if a member of their household has the virus.


Please complete this consent form as early as possible. Students that are 16 or over should complete this form themselves, having discussed with a parent or guardian. Parents are asked to complete for students under 16. 

We strongly encourage all staff and students to be tested and would therefore usually expect consent to be given. The reason for testing is to protect each other and to reduce the spread of the virus within the community.