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Uxbridge High School

What is Citizenship?

Citizenship education gives people the knowledge and skills to understand, challenge and engage with our democracy, including politics, the economy and the law. It teaches students to be well-rounded, modern and aware individuals, with confidence to be themselves.


Students learn a variety of subjects throughout their Citizenship studies including:

Year 7:

Introduction to Citizenship

Anti-Bullying Project


What is work?

Drama Production

Being British
SRE, mixed and single sex groups

Year 8:

PSHE and Mental Health

Charity Projects

SRE, mixed and single sex groups

The Environment

Impacts we have on the world

Year 9:

Options choices

Politics and Government

The Economy and Finance

SRE, mixed and single sex groups



Food bank Charity project

Year 10:

Human Rights

Global issues project (Exploitation, Conflict, Migration, Religion and Equality,)

SRE, mixed and single sex groups

Europe and the EU



Year 11:

Dealing with Stress

LGBT issues

Study Skills

Life after School

SRE, mixed and single sex groups

Year 12/13:

Year 12 and 13 focusses on work and careers, helping students focus on attaining the career that they want, as well as mentoring them through their University choices.





There are no GCSE or A-Level examinations in Citizenship, but students are assessed on a range of criteria from independent inquiry and creative thinking to self-management and working as a team.

Citizenship is very well regarded by both staff and students across the school and has been expanded and rewritten to include new external agency involvement and a focus on increasing student literacy and numeracy.