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Uxbridge High School

Billions in Poverty

Billions are in poverty and we ignore/avoid it every single day. Nearly 14 million people (in the UK) were living in poverty in 2017 and this unbelievable to say that, we ignore this. Statistically, half of the worlds’ population is penniless. Bilal- from my school- quoted that, “it’s depressing to see how unfortunate poor people are and how fortunate we are”


There are many children like us who can’t go to school due to money issues that they have which doesn’t allow them to go to school. Unlike the UK, not all countries have the same policy of giving free education for most of the time, so parents have to pay for them. Can you believe that people(throughout the world ) live on less than £1.80 a day? This is devastating to see that these children cannot get education, however some of us are not even thankful to what we have.

Health Issues:

Surprisingly, many people and children in Africa suffer from a contagious disease called malaria. This is one of the leading issues that causes children and adults to die and they can’t do anything except suffer because they do not have enough money. The World Health Organisation clearly state that “ 3.3 billion people live in areas where malaria is at risk”. Once again, we should be grateful that we can afford money to pay for our health.

What can we do to end this?

I surveyed seven people and all of them stated to donate to charity. It is really upsetting to see that, many people are dying because they cannot afford it, but at least we can save someone’s life. Don’t you think you’d fell so ecstatic to help save someone’s life? Can we not help?

Lastly I’d like to say that we should really help these people who are suffering because if you put yourself in that position, you would so miserable to see this happening and you slowly dying.


- Muhammad and Yaseen