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Uxbridge High School

Advice on face coverings in school

You will be aware that the government has advised that the wearing of face coverings is no longer mandatory in most school situations, including in classrooms, from 17th May.  There are exceptions to this and in these situations we ask that staff and students continue to wear a face covering.  These exceptions are:

  • Where bubbles unavoidably must mix and social distancing is not possible
  • For visitors to the school
  • In communal areas, offices and spaces where social distancing and/or extra ventilation is not possible

However, if students or staff wish to continue to wear a face covering at any time, then they will be permitted to do so.  Students are still required to wear face coverings on public transport.

We would encourage all students to use reusable face coverings in conjunction with a re-sealable plastic bag.  This will be used to safely store the covering between uses.  If students are using disposable coverings, they will need to place them in a special bin after each use and carry a supply of replacements for use throughout the day.

We would ask that students wear plain or simply patterned face coverings.  I am sure that you will agree that we need to ask students to remove face coverings that are inappropriate for the school environment.  A replacement will be issued.

Public Health England has produced a simple guide on how to make a face covering which you can view here. I would ask that all parents and carers watch this video on how to safely wear a mask and reinforce the key points with their child.  Should any children be exempt from wearing a face covering, I would be grateful if their parent/carer contacts their child’s guidance leader.