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Uxbridge High School

Advice on face coverings in school

In line with the ‘high risk’ status that London has been placed in, we have been advised that all students need to wear face coverings in some circumstances. At UHS this will be:

  • On arrival to school and in transit to bubble areas
  • When moving around the school during the school day, e.g. to attend practical lessons
  • When in some special school settings at the discretion of staff such as the library, main hall, etc.
  • On leaving the school site and at bus stops in preparation for bus travel
  • Our sixth form students should wear face coverings whenever they arrive at school, move around the site and when they leave at the end of the day

From 2nd November, we would like to encourage students to use reusable face coverings in conjunction with a re-sealable plastic bag. This will be used to safely store the covering between uses. If students are using disposable coverings, they will need to place them in a special bin after each use and carry a supply of replacements for use throughout the day.

Face coverings will not be worn during lessons, outside at break or lunchtimes or when students move around in their own bubble.  We would ask that students wear plain or simply patterned face coverings.  I am sure that you will agree that we will need to ask students to remove face coverings that are inappropriate for the school environment.  A replacement will be issued.

Public Health England has produced a simple guide on how to make a face covering which you can view here. I would ask that all parents and carers watch this video on how to safely wear a mask and reinforce the key points with their child.  Should any children be exempt from wearing a face covering, I would be grateful if their parent/carer contacts their child’s guidance leader.