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    Published 23/03/18

    I am pleased to inform you that our Ofsted report has now been finalised and is ready for publication to students, parents, staff and governors. It will also be available on the Ofsted website on Wednesday 28th March.

    I am delighted to confirm that we have been judged as good in every section of the report, with the exception of personal development, welfare and behaviour, which has been judged as outstanding. These combined judgements give the school an overall effectiveness grading of good.

    Please take the time to review the full report below. Should you require a hard copy, please contact and we will be pleased to post a copy to you.

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  • ​​​​​​​Target Mars at Brunel University

    Published 08/10/18


    On Monday 1st October 2018, five Year 9 students attended the Target Mars event at Brunel University, with the aim to develop an understanding of how to survive on Mars and life on board the International Space Station, all whilst competing against other schools through a range of science activities.

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    Published 23/08/18


    Staff and students at Uxbridge High School are delighted with this year’s GCSE results.

    It is important to note that this year’s GCSEs are mostly new qualifications and cannot be easily compared to previous years, however we are able to draw some broad comparisons between the old and new grading systems. This year students have been awarded new 9-1 grades in most subjects, with grade 4 considered a pass (roughly equivalent to the old grade C) and grade 5 a strong pass.

    Our students’ English and maths scores are strong as expected. In English,10% of students achieved grades 9-8, 63% achieved 9-5 and 79% achieved 9-4. In maths, 7% of students have achieved grades 9-8, 42% 9-5 and 58% 9-4. Combining both English and maths, 8% of students have achieved grades 9-7, 37% 9-5 and 56% 9-4.

    The sciences have maintained outstanding results with 100% achieving 9-5 in triple science (biology, chemistry and physics) and combined science scoring highly. Four students have achieved grade 9s across all three sciences*.

    A number of our students achieved the top grades in a range of academic subjects (EBacc) and across the wider curriculum, we are delighted that our performing arts, art, music and sports students were rewarded with high percentages of top 9-5 grades.

    Congratulations to our top performing students who include:

    Munraj Bhangra who has achieved 10 9-5 grades, including 8 8/9 grades*.

    Arshiya Inayat who has achieved 10 9-5 grades, including 8 8/9 grades*.

    Kingsley De Costa who has achieved 10 9-5 grades, including 6 8/9 grades*.

    Mudaser Kubari who has achieved 10 9-5 grades, including 6 8/9 grades.

    Aaron Parmar who has achieved 10 9-5 grades, including 6 8/9 grades*.

    Jonathon Cooper who has achieved 10 9-5 grades, including 5 8/9 grades.

    Tito Rossi who has achieved 10 9-5 grades, including 7 7-9 grades.

    Navraj Earj who has achieved 10 9-5 grades, including 7 7-9 grades.

    Thomas Greening-Beament who has achieved 10 9-5 grades, including 5 7-9 grades.

    Yusuf Nasar who has achieved 10 9-5 grades, including 5 8/9 grades.


    Aaron said “I’m so pleased with my results! I am enrolling for sixth form to study maths, physics and product design.”

    Dominic said “All my hard work has paid off and I’m over the moon to get a 9 in drama!”

    Students collecting their results today were keen to sign up to our sixth form and are looking forward to re-joining school in September. You may have seen many of them on BBC Breakfast television this morning, discussing their achievement with Naga, Jayne and Tim.

    Mr Clemens, Principal said “This has been a challenging year for staff and students in working towards new examination courses and gradings. The results are testament to the hard work and dedication of all. I am delighted that our students have achieved so well in the new more demanding courses. They are well prepared for the next phase of their education in our sixth form.”

    In further helping students and parents to understand the new examinations and grading systems you might like to refer to the following guide.

    What the new GCSEs mean in 2018 - A guide for parents and carers

    It gives more information on the main changes to GCSEs which are that:  

    • the exams are ‘harder’ with more rigorous content
    • a new grading scale from A*-G to 9-1 (with 9 the highest)
    • less coursework, controlled assessment and modular exams, with more focus on endof-course exams.
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    Published 16/08/18


    Students and staff at Uxbridge High School are delighted with this year’s sixth form results, 100% of students achieved examination success. 95% of exams entered received a grade A*- E or equivalent and 38% of the examinations were passed at the highest A*- B grades.

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  • Symphonic Rock Concert

    Published 19/06/18

    In a landmark trip organised by the music department, 28 students from Years 9 and 10 experienced an epic concert at the Royal Albert Hall. The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, along with a rock band and ‘Capital Voices’ a 4-part vocal group, performed 20 fantastic rock songs that have topped the chart in recent years.

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  • Warwick Castle

    Published 19/06/18

    A Year 7 trip to Warwick Castle took place to explore the Norman Castle and to allow students to immerse themselves in what life was like in Norman England. Students were able to explore the castle as well as the grounds, go in the Horrible Histories maze, watch demonstrations of weapons and the flight of birds of prey.

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  • Bank of America Merrill Lynch

    Published 30/05/18

    23 students from Year 12 attended a speed networking event at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch at St Paul’s in the City of London. The session consisted of a short talk that was given by a senior member of staff about their career journey, followed by speed networking with a selection of volunteers who work at the bank. This was a really excellent opportunity for the students to get a great insight into the world of work generally and the whole range of jobs that exist in a big organisation like Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

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  • UCAS Convention

    Published 30/05/18

    The UCAS convention gave students the opportunity to explore a variety of post-18 options in one setting. They had a chance to talk to admissions staff and subject specialists and find out what life is like on campus. They also discovered what else is on offer when their exams are completed and information about volunteer work and further gap year adventures, as well as the world of work. It also offered a selection of useful seminars designed to give them more information about higher education.

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  • School News App

    Published 22/05/18


    Stay up to date with the latest school news, events and important information. Download our School News app for free from Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

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  • ​​​​​​​Arsenal Double Cup Competition

    Published 10/05/18

    The winning groups from the Arsenal Double Club 2018 World Cup competition attended a special “World Cup Day” at Emirates Stadium to celebrate languages, on 8th May 2018.

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  • Oxford University

    Published 08/05/18

    On 25th April 2018, a group of students visited Oxford University as part of the University’s Pathways programme. Ten year 10 students were privileged to attend this prestigious workshop where they had a tour of Jesus College, Oxford and the city.

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  • ​​​​​​​Count On Us

    Published 02/05/18

    On Thursday 26th April, four students from Uxbridge High School travelled to The Hammersmith Academy to compete against other schools in the Mayor of London's 'Count on Us' challenge.

    The students took part in a variety of challenges testing their strategic, numerical and problem solving skills. The students demonstrated our values of positivity and determination during the final code breaking activity when they kept going until the end to get the answer.

    Everyone worked amazingly well as a team and had a great time at the event.

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