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Uxbridge High School

VIVO is a web-based rewards programme that Uxbridge High School uses to reward positive behaviour in school.  VIVO points can be used in the VIVO shop to spend on items such as: top name store cards; pens; pencils; mobile phone top-up vouchers; mini puzzles or a range of other exciting items.


VIVOs can be earned in a variety of ways:

During lessons - teachers can award VIVOs in lessons for extra hard work or handing in excellent homework.

Tutee of the Week Award - every week form tutors will choose a member of their form for Tutee of the Week and award VIVOs to them.

Excellent Progress (EP) in subjects - if students make excellent progress in their lessons, they will earn VIVOs for every EP On their end of term grade report.

Participation - students will earn VIVOs if they join in extra curricular activities; participate in Sports Week or any sporting event; are a member of a school team; if they are nominated for an award at the UHS Awards event; if they participate in the end of term assemblies or appear in, or help out with, the school production.

Attendance - the school target is 95% attendance.  Those students that achieve 95% and above will be rewarded with VIVOs.