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Uxbridge High School

What is SMSC?

SMSC is about the whole student, their welfare, place in society and is about promoting the following:


S - Social - Trips, extra-curricular activities and learning about others in our society
M - Moral - Learning rights from wrong and the consequences of our actions in life
S - Spiritual - Learning about different beliefs and faiths, enjoying learning and being creative and happy
C - Cultural - Spending time with different cultures, being multi-cultural and studying about what makes up British Values - Identifying prejudice, democracy and celebrating the diversity of other cultures


More information on what defines SMSC within Uxbridge High School can be found here

SMSC in Uxbridge High School

SMSC and British Values are promoted throughout the school and we are dedicated to providing for your child:


  • a ‘whole student’ curriculum throughout every subject including Citizenship
  • a huge variety of extra-curricular activities from literacy to sports to board games
  • a wide range of trips to London, across the UK and abroad
  • services for student wellbeing including the Reflection Space, a quiet and safe space where any student is always welcome.
  • a fully embedded House system, creating a rewarding family culture throughout the school
  • Student Council and Student Voice - allowing students’ opinions to be heard through democracy
  • staff/student mentoring - allowing all students to have someone they can talk to about both their school work and wider lives.
  • whole school rewards system focusing on positive behaviour and Citizenship through Vivos, PROUD badges, House awards, Citizenship awards etc
  • external agency connections, allowing for students to experience the best of life in London and the UK.
  • charity work across the school, including the Guide Dogs, Hillingdon Foodbank and many more.


Students voice and anti-bullying surveys are carried out yearly asking how often students receive, or are aware of SMSC, found that these values are ubiquitous across the school. Most students have reported that they receive SMSC of ‘all kinds’’ often’ throughout the day. Given anonymous options of ‘often, ‘usually’, ‘unusually’, ‘rarely’ or ‘never. 86% of students said that they ‘often’ enjoy learning, and 91% of students said they ‘often’ work with people of different backgrounds / cultures. Anti-bullying surveys show that for a third year running bullying has decreased, with students saying that they have ‘recently been bullied’ dropping for a third year running.