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Uxbridge High School

Members of the Governing Body take a full and active role in the school. They work very closely with the Principal in a positive and highly effective partnership.

If you wish to write to the Chair of Governors, Mr Peter Waine,
please do so c/o Uxbridge High School.

The Governing Body and its committees meet at least once a term.

In order to function effectively and efficiently a substantial part of its work is undertaken by five main committees.

These are:

  • Admissions
  • Attendance, Discipline and Safeguarding
  • Educational Standards
  • Facilities
  • Human Resources

Governors at Uxbridge High School:

Community Governors

Peter Waine (Chair)

Ben Beadle

Elaine O’Sullivan






Jessica Beishon

Noelia Bowman

Nigel McGreeghan

Minesh Parmar

Husein Rehmanji


Nigel Clemens

Jonathon Churchill

Avril James

Kiran Ranchod


Partnership Governors

Martin McElreavey

Alicia Mouriz

Allan Steele