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Uxbridge High School

by BBC School Reporters Aranpreet & Ilham

Over 800 students at Uxbridge High School used their democratic rights to vote in the recent UK Youth Parliament Election. Two of our students stood in the election against other students in the borough to represent the Hillingdon.  Hans Aukhaj, who started his political career in the Hillingdon Youth Council, won the election.



Hans took to social media to canvass students throughout the borough to vote for him. Uxbridge High School saw the largest amount of votes cast – 80% of the school voted.





Hans’ new job will be to reacts immediately to issues facing young people in Hillingdon. Hans wants to “be able to deal with problems in the quickly, sympathetically and in an approachable manner”. He says “it makes him happy to do something about these youth issues and create awareness to prevent them happening to other people”.  

“Making a great impact is what I want to do, their problems are my problems!” Students think they don’t have the power; however Hans thinks that every student has the power to make Hillingdon a better place. There were 7 other campaigners who took part in this election. He felt like he could make a difference.

Uxbridge High School is very proud of Hans’ achievement and look forward to seeing him in the House of Commons.